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“Lisa Cron is every serious writer’s dream: a source of caring, candid, capable, creative support. Since she is herself also a writer she brings not merely an analytical and intellectual perspective–though she provides that too–but the essential hands-on, insider’s view that belongs to practitioners alone. I would not dream of submitting my work to an agent, publisher, or production company without first consulting with Lisa Cron.” Prof. Richard Walter, UCLA Film School Screenwriting Chairman 

“I’ve known and worked with Lisa for the past twenty years and when it comes to the three-act structure of screenplays, the nature of characters and plot points, she’s the best. Whether you’re a first time writer or a seasoned Hollywood veteran, the service she provides is invaluable. Her talent will help the screenwriter take an idea from the first germ of a concept, to outline, to written screenplay.” Brett Hudson, CEO Frozen Pictures, Writer & Producer, Cloud Nine