Does the middle of your novel sag? Is the ending flat? Or are you at the beginning and not even sure where to start? There is ONE KEY that can unlock each and every one of these problems:

Going back to the genesis of your story. 

I don't mean Scene 1, Chapter 1. I mean the specific defining moment when everything changed for your protagonist, long before the plot kicks in.

After all, a story isn’t about the plot; it’s about how the plot affects the protagonist. Story is about an internal struggle, not an external one – which is why all stories are character driven, and the reason that constructing the plot always comes second.

A story is about what the protagonist has to learn, to overcome, to deal with internally in order to solve the problem that the external plot poses. That means that the specific event -- the genesis scene – that drives the protagonist’s internal struggle pre-dates the events in the plot, often by decades.

Think of protagonist’s internal struggle as the story’s live wire; it’s what gives meaning and juice to everything, driving the story forward. This means that everything that happens in the plot must in some way “touch” it, causing the protagonist to grapple with it as she makes sense of what’s happening and decides what to do as a result.

A Story Genesis Session includes four empowering steps:

1.  Before we speak, I will read up to 30 pages of your novel, and a synopsis of up to 3 pages. That way we can hit the ground running!

2.  We’ll talk for 75 minutes – the conversations are lively, result-oriented, and detailed. We will brainstorm, drilling down to the specific event that changed how your protagonist sees the world, creating the misbelief that your plot will then force her to overcome. We’ll tackle the questions:

                    Am I on the right track? 

                    What my novel is really about?

                    What is my story’s “live wire”?

                    What is the one escalating problem my story revolves around?

 3. Based on our conversation, you'll write your novel's genesis scene, and once it's done, I will read it, analyze it, and we'll talk again.

4.  During our second conversation, we’ll drill even deeper as we begin to chart how the protagonist’s misbelief has ripped a path through her life, right up until the moment the novel starts.


PRICING: $750.00

Two 75 minute sessions that enable writers to dig deep and unearth the what their story is really about before they start to write. Also perfect for writers stuck in the middle of their story.

If you have questions, or would like to schedule a Novel Genesis session, drop me an email and we'll get started. Payment is advance either by check or paypal.

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