One-on-One Coaching

I believe that the best way to write a novel, memoir or screenplay is to work with a story coach from the beginning. The problem with writing it in a vacuum is that so often a story goes off the rails early on, and then everything that follows is largely irrelevant. Hello, page one rewrite!

Figuring out what your story is about before you write (or revise) it, and then making sure that it’s clear, engaging and on the page from the very first sentence is the only thing that actually cuts down on rewriting time (not to mention the heartache of having to ditch an entire draft.)

Will you rewrite each chapter several times as you go? Probably. But you won’t be polishing it, you’ll be making sure that it gives readers what they come for: the experience of being inside the protagonist’s skin, as they wrestle with their own inner demons in order to solve the escalating story problem. The key thing to remember is this: the story isn’t about the plot; it’s about how the plot affects the protagonist. Because that is what affects the reader.

With this package, you’ll turn in up to 20 pages, twice a month, and here’s what you can expect from me:

  •  A one-hour phone call to discuss each assignment (that’s 2 calls a month). I will read your pages, and we’ll discuss them in depth, pinpointing what works, what doesn’t, and why. Together we’ll brainstorm, and then decide what the next move will be: rewriting, moving ahead, or diving into the protagonist’s backstory to find out more about what, specifically, triggered the demons and desires the story forces her to struggle with.
  • A specific assignment every two weeks, based on our phone conversation.
  • A dedicated cheerleader, a ruthless whip-cracker, and someone who cares about your story as much as you do, sees it as vividly as you do and believes in it — and you — wholeheartedly.

PRICING: $450/month 

If you have questions, or would like to schedule one-on-one coaching, drop me an email and we'll get started. Payment is advance either by check or paypal.

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