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Create an Engaging Premise in 4 Steps that Delivers What the Reader's Brain is Wired to Crave

The most common mistake writers make happens long before they ever set pen to paper. Author, instructor, and story expert Lisa Cron unravels exactly what the brain is hungry for in her all new webinar,“Create an Engaging Premise in 4 Steps and Deliver the Story a Reader’s Brain Craves.” Lisa walks you through the four steps necessary to create a premise that delivers these much-craved-for elements. You’ll learn how to properly frame the “what if” that sparks every premise, how to zero in on exactly who your protagonist is, how to find an opening that instantly makes the clock start ticking, and how to unearth your protagonist’s internal struggle (which the plot will then put to the test). Stop writing blind. There’s no reason to spend months (or years) rooting around in your plot, hoping to find a story. Arm yourself with a little brain science, and a lot of story know-how. Go into your next novel more confident, in control, and inspired!