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Wonderful experience! I’m a published writer who sometimes gets stuck in the “muddled middle,” however, through the use of the prompts and unique methodology I learned from Lisa, I was able to make some breakthroughs that helped me get to the heart of my story with greater efficiency and confidence. I highly recommend this class for all levels of writers.
— E.C. Moran
I am beyond delighted to be offering this CreativeLive course
Wired for Story: How To Become a Story Genius!
In it I got to bring the Story Genius method to life, with video lessons,
exercises and a 60 page in depth workbook full of bonus material.

Here’s the skinny:

It’s a 6 ½ hour video course with 17 in depth lessons that you can watch at your own pace, so you have time to dig deep into each exercise as you create the foundation of your story.

These aren’t random, general writing exercises – rather each exercise builds on the one before it, so you have the tools to create a riveting story from the inside out.

It smashes the writing myths that have held you back, and dives head first into a clear, concise, and reassuringly concrete step-by-step program that focuses on the story itself. Story first, beautiful writing, second!

You’ll build your novel (or memoir or screenplay) by creating the material from which the story and the plot will organically begin to appear. As a result, your first draft will read like a fourth or fifth draft. And so – yahoo -- you’ll drastically cut down on time spent rewriting!

You can check it out right here!

I’m going to go back and watch this course every time I begin a new novel. It took me six years to figure out how to write my first novel, discovering many of these concepts as I went. I can’t imagine the time I would have saved had I been able to consider them more carefully before I began. I recommend this to anyone who is just starting out, but also, to established writers
— Tracy Holczer