Story Genius Has a Cover!

 Hello Fellow Writers,
Story Genius is covered! It feels great to have it totally finished, after two years of really hard work – and I’m not just talking about me. So many talented people helped -- they read drafts, gave me insightful, spot-on feedback, kept me on track, and didn’t let me give up (and boy, there were times when that’s exactly what I wanted to do). Writing is hard, but it’s so worth it. And I present to you, the official cover: 

What I want to do now is salute all of you, writers who keep at it, even when you want nothing more than to give up, forget about it, get a snack, binge-watch every episode of Father Knows Best (or maybe that one is just me) – DO ANYTHING – except write. Instead, you write (okay, maybe after a little snack and just one episode). You stick at it. Even though who knows how it will turn out. Who knows if you’ll ever have an audience. Who knows if you might be making a big fool of yourself in front of . . . well, at the moment, just the cat. But still.
Here’s my theory: We’re fools whether or not we dance, so we might as well dance.

With words. On the page. Let the music begin!
Speaking of which, with the Story Genius coming out on August 9th, there’ll be lots of great giveaways to come – books, an hour of private one-on-one coaching, and a spot in the fall 10 week Story Genius Workshop that the insanely savvy and utterly approachable Jennie Nash and I have been giving through Jennie’s brilliant company, Author Accelerator. 

Click here to preorder a copy of Story Genius on your preferred vendor

Click here to read more about the Story Genius Workshop
Plus, I'm thrilled about the possibility of doing a live Story Genius event in LA in January 2017 along with Jennie. We don't have hard and fast details yet on where, when or price, but if you are interested, put your name on the list, and we’ll let you know as soon as we nail down what I’m always on about – the specifics! ;-)