Wired for Story: Thank YOU!

I am overwhelmed at the reception that Wired for Story has gotten, it's exceeded my wildest dreams. Yesterday it made it all the way to #77 on Amazon, and for a couple of hours it was number one on their Movers and Shakers list. I actually took a screenshot of it, just to be sure I wasn’t asleep. I half expected the alarm clock to go off and I’d wake up thinking, So that’s what lucid dreaming is all about, hey, where's Leonardo DiCaprio?

I haven’t the words for how it feels to discover that an idea you’ve worked on for years is actually out there in the world, on its own, perhaps changing the way people see things.  It’s incredibly humbling. And, yes, really exhilarating.

Today I’m delighted to be making guest appearances on two blogs that have been changing the way people see things for a quite while.  Chuck Wendig’s Terrible Minds and Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of Story.

Here's to story!